Wednesday, November 27, 2019

American university Essay Example

American university Essay My wish is to take a PhD post in an American university. This is because learning in America is enjoyable and also they offer quality education which you can not find many other places of the world. Learning in America is also important since there are varieties of different people from different parts of the world who have come to learn in America and furthermore the natives of America are also of different races so I will enjoy socializing with people of different races. Learning in America will also be pleasing to me since America has a good learning environment and also the country is democratic, and even there is peace unlike other countries which have continuous acts of terrorDoing my post of PhD in America will enable me to be competent since they have very learned and skilled professors in their universities especially lecturers of my architectural field. They also do have the necessary resources that can enable me to do my project well so as toad up my knowledge about archit ecture thus increasing my competence which will enable me to get a good job or make me be promoted in my present job level. Learning in America will be good for me since I want to achieve my career aspirations of being able to work globally at a very senior job level.I wish to do my PhD post in America because I like travelling and sharing ideas with people from many places and thus learning in America will enable me to share ideas with other scholars from other countries and this can enable me to gain new ideas and skill since the technology is dynamic and use them later in my work.

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